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Browser and Email Software

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I've recently downloaded and installed two open source software applications from Mozilla and have to say that, so far, I'm totally impressed and delighted.

Firefox is an internet browser with less overhead than Internet Explorer and lots of controls for popups, spyware, password and cookie management, etc. It has more than 100 plugins available to add features one might want and also has a number of "themes" with which to change the look. Installation was a breeze including cleanly importing all settings and favorites from Internet Explorer.

Thunderbird is their email application. Looks and feels a lot like Outlook Express .... but again lots better controls and goodies on the side. It did a flawless import of my email settings and archived messages.

One of my favorite plugins is the image zoom feature for both Firefox and Thunderbird. A less useful but comforting one called Spoofstick, tells you what website you are truly at the next time you get an email from CitiBank or Paypal wanting you to login and confirm your account information.

Thunderbird has a self-learning junk mail feature that allows you to classify your email with a mouse click to help reduce the junk mail that reaches your inbox.

Both applications are free and I recommend them. :Coffee:


New Member
Thanks for the quick review Fred.

A few months ago i upgraded all of my PCs. I went from windows 98 to XP, but have been wanting to change my browser ... I hate and dont trust Explorer!!! And id like a change from Netscape.

So i was considering going to Mozilla, but wasnt sure ... Im a procrastinator you know :Canada 2:

Anyways, you clinched it.

Thanks Fred :Canada: :thumb: :Canada:


New Member
Ive been using Firefox for quite sometime now and it is a good browser, but be aware some web pages will not display. You will still have to use exployer or Netscape every so often.

dennis j

New Member
I also started using Firefox about a month ago have had the same problem with a few web pages. I read that Firefox is more secure than Internet Explorer I guess only time will tell. :biggrin:


New Member
I use www.download.com for most of my downloads. I have used Firefox and found it to be a great program. I currently use IExplorer since the SP2 upgrade to WinXP and feel pretty secure.

Opera is another browser that I feel comfortable with. The page load times are great and it has a built-in e-mail client.

Just a reminder, whenever you want to do business over a secure server, you should ALWAYS close your current browser and open a new session and navigate to the site by entering the address into the address bar.

Happy browsing!