Bulk Ink for Mimaki Advice

Andrew Signs

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Hi All,

Ive done a little reading around and haven't found the answer exactly.

We run a few jv33 running es3 ink. We use heaps of carts of ink and would like to run a bulk inks system on one as a trial.

I've see people talk about the pressure/air bubble issues of these system as the heads are pressure sensitive. I also understand that the Mimaki Mbis is the recommended unit which apparently removes this risk.

What I can't work out is that if you use a third party bulk cart system (with floats) how air bubbles would be an issue? If when it is installed if you ran a couple of ink fills that should pull through any air if there was weirdly any in the line from this process.

Basically, once installed, how will it get air bubbles in the line is constant ink flow/level short of running the ink out dry?



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I had carts before and 1l bottles, i changed approx 5years ago to bags, in this time a had one bad bag, which was leaking, so i put around some basket if leaks again. It can destroy looks of printer and inside boards.... One differece i have is, tube goes straight through cartridge into printer, ink doesnt go in cartridge. No issues with printhead, its like new, printers says it needs to be replaced 1y ago


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We had a sortve open system where we just emptied in the ink and bought it in litre bottles. Saved us a fortune but due to the ink being slightly exposed to the air (guys that supplied the ink and system said to leave the caps on but not tight) when we stopped using it as much (it’s a backup now) we got a lot of problems with the magenta - frequent drop outs.

after we complained the company switched it out for a “closed” system where the ink now comes in 2l vacuum bags, only problem we have now is their crappy chips die all the time so we need to keep a few spare. No drop outs whatsoever and the ink is 1/3 of the price of OEM. Looks like the attached.