Bulk ink system...


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had a client that set up a bulk in system on his Roland VP-540 printer. Switch back to cartridges.... Have a set of 4 CMYK cartridges for the highest bidder.

Retail for $80 bucks each.

Also can supply the ink... $140 a liter. CMYK

Also I have a bulk ink system I put in my Mutoh Valuejet printer...

Retail for $80 bucks each.

I'm a service technician on large format printers so if your interested let me know.... Name your price and it yours... Highest bidder...:thankyou:


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bulk ink

What printer do you have? The ink that I can supply you is high quality ink.... I use a bulk ink system in my large format printer and everything is fine.

The cartridges that one of my clients use, I supply to him. The Roland VP-540, high quality ink, no problems. Same ink that comes in 1 liter format.:omg:


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I use JetBestUSA inks and the liter is $89.00 is very good, that one of my print heads was not firing properly, but about 3 day later I noticed that my printhead was cleaned very good (washed), now it print perfect, I do not have banding anymore.