Bulk Ink Systems...Why Don't OEMs use it?


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The topic of 3rd Party Inks has been beat down consistently here. I just finished reading several threads on the subject and have seen many valid points for using both OEM and 3rd party. I love the way OEM inks work and, of course, love the savings of 3rd party inks. What I hate the most is dealing with the cart system.

I personally think most owners would stick to the original ink if a bulk ink system was provided direct from manufacturing and not have to deal with any of these carts.

Any thoughts?

We've got a Toucan LT running third party inks. It has been a disappointing experience even with the cost savings. You're always worrying about how high the cart is relative to the ink level. Part way through prints we've had too much head and get ink drops all over, color gamit is different than original Mutoh ink AND we really believe we've lost heads due to the ink. Had one last 8 months!

Just bought a new JV33 that we're running alongside the Mutoh. We will keep it on OEM inks. We believe that the amount of reject prints, extra head costs, damage to prints, and so on just not make it worth it.

I'm not saying there isn't a place for it, but you better figure on a new career looking after the printer. We just believe that push the button and print the security of knowing that the manufacturer has dialed in the inks for not only color, but drying time, and for print head life, is the way to go for us. We're done with bulk....

Just our two cents.


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We've tried two different brands of aftermarket ink in the past, it just wasn't worth it, even with the cost savings. People argue that if you're saving 35% on the ink you can justify the replacement heads, etc., but what I can't justify is the downtime for those breakdowns, the wasted time reprinting bad prints, the excessive cleaning required to maintain good print quality, and the overall uneasy feeling of not being able to fully trust your equipment. One of the major keys to productivity is consistency, and I genuinely don't think there's a single aftermarket ink supplier that can deliver the consistency and reliability that OEM ink can.

That said, if Mimaki would make a bulk ink system for our printers, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'm sure even OEM ink could be had for a discount if purchased by the bottle in bulk instead of wasteful cartridges. Plus, in the long run, the elimination of cartridges certainly helps push you in the "green" direction if that's your thing.


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Mimaki Does make a Bulk ink system, they just refuse to sell it with a smaller JV33. You have to purchase the Jv33-250, but even then the inks cost the exact same per MM. No Discount. They are just rolling in their ink cash over there in Japan.

We have been using Triangle Carts in our JV33 with pretty good luck.


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I'm all for savings with the 3rd party ink...but if the systems came with a bulk ink system from factory I would definitely keep OEM. While I understand that even OEM inks can have issues I've also seen how 3rd Party Inks can be the cause of so many issues.

I personally can't stand ink cartridges and their chips and all that fun stuff.



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I think the bottom lines is that the manufactures make more $$ off ink then they do selling the machines.

I've been using 3rd party inks for 3 years on 2 machines.. never had a problem.