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Business Cards

Anyone know where I could get some textured business cards like the pic I attached?

This card features debossing, spot varnish, die-cutting and side paiting, all of these together may be very expensive. A much cheaper alternative is a simple debossed UV printed version that many shops may be able do with a Lef-12 (prints white and embossed varnish)


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You can get a similar look using 4over - Suede with Raised Spot UV. But it won't have the painted edges.
silkcardspro.com may do it but they are slow and expensive.

This is true, but our customers that prefer premium cards generally don't care if they pay $.40-.60 a card and wait 4 weeks-ish because they know a quality premium card is memorable and creates conversation. I believe a well designed premium card is at least ten times as effective as a run of the mill conventional card. We used to have $.60 cards ($.30 at our cost through Silk Cards) in our office and 80% of our customers that took one would instantly comment about it. One of our main reasons for doing it was just to show customers a wide range of available options but we soon realized their marketing potential was superb. They were 32 pt., colored edges, metal foil, spot UV, die cut and radius corners and they looked amazing. This last time around, we went with fewer options at about half the price and they get some attention but nothing like the previous ones. Next time, we're going back to the old cards, but with an updated design.