Camper half wrap questions

Stacey K

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I have a customer who wants me to wrap the bottom half of a camper similar to the one pictured with all the ribs. Clearly this is a 2 person job but I've never done anything with all these ribs. How long will something like this take? Anything I need to consider? With cleaning and cutting around the hitch, etc. does 6-7 hours sound right? My helper will not be experienced, just another set of hands.

2 sides at 130"x32" each
2 ends at 78"x32" each

About 96 square feet total.


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If you've never done anything like this, maybe sub it out to an installer that has and learn from them by helping them?
Otherwise, whatever you figure it'll take you (time and material wise) you could double it, or price it as is and chalk up any loss as a learning curve?
Been a while since I applied anything like this, but I think that'd take me a couple of hours. I can't say if that's fast or slow- just the pace I work.


Just Somebody
I'd say about an hour to an hour and a half tops, with a helping hand that listens good.
That does not include print time.