Can anyone share Versaworks profile?


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I've got a rush job reprinting auction paddles I did last year.
Unfortunately, I had used Solvex vinyl last year and now I'm using
SSGPV3050 Sign Supply generic (better quality) so my old profile is crap.
None of the ones I've tried are right. The profile I need [ 3651.icc ] is supposedly on this Roland site
But heck if I can find it!
It wouldn't be a biggie but the colors are that of a prominant sports team
down here and they have several of the old paddles in hand.
Can anyone help me ?
((I don't believe this is wrong to ask as the download is free and my rep can bring me one later today but I have a boatload of vinyl to print asap. If it is against the rules please forgive, oops!!))

Thanks again