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Can HP Flexi 12 even do this?

john maughan

New Member
Just getting to grips with Flexi and my new Latex 315 print and cut package, I still can’t find out how to have the cutter, cut the a large 54inch roll into A4 or A3 sized pieces after its done the contour cuts on 1000 smaller 63x88mm stickers – I need to do about a 1000 stickers and having 12 or so on an A4/ A3 manageable sized sheet would be perfect. I reckon that’s about 70 sheets of A3.

Not even sure if this is possible so before I waste a load of time can anyone tell me if it's even possible.


Active Member
Yeah, I'm not sure what it's called for Summa, but it's just a matter of setting the file up properly. Make an A4 size file, fill it with the artwork that already has contour cuts around them. Then add a perf cut around the A4. Tell the machine to do the contour cut first then perf cut.