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Can you have?


New Member
I am somewhat new to all this... My question is...Is having to many fonts, clip art, fills, effects to much? as I know it can a person a lot of money to get stuff... Is there a time when you need to say ok I like it but do I get it?


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
You can never have enough good, usuable typefaces (this usually cost a chunk of change)....I very rarely use clip-art and have not used fills or effects so I can't answer that part.

RJ California

New Member
I do that all the time. My want list is much bigger than my wallet.
You have to be selective. I'm not sure if that is what you were asking, since it seems pretty obvious.:rolleyes:


New Member
like Rick said, you can never have enough of a good thing, but on the other hand i have so many fonts that i forget what i have and don't use a majority of them, basically just a select few that we like to use

as far as clipart, we started with a good basic set, and now just do a buy one as needed as jobs come up instead of just buying any and every clipart there is

Steve C.

New Member
I'm always looking for that job that will justify the purchase of some nice
clip art or fonts.
Let the job pay for it. I should probably get more than I've got, but
much of the time I create my own art. I have never purchased any clipart
collection yet that didn't pay for itself after the first job it was used on,
or at least after two jobs.