Can you use your take up reel without a dryer?


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Question for you guys with Roland printers and particularly RE640...

Can you print at a decent speed and use the take up reel without an additional dryer?

Mostly interested in regard to vinyl but other materials as well.



I can on my SP540V. When done I uncurl the roll on top of a milk crate and allow it to dry for 24hrs before laminating.


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Thanks Player.

No one else using the take up with their Roland?

That's a bit concerning.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the SP540V a slower machine than the RE640?


SP540V prints about 30 square ft per hour in standard mode.

Probably very slow compared to the latest greatest.


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I have the vs640 running dual CMYK with the dancer take up system and have not had to use an online dryer. I think the re and the VS have the same print speeds I also contemplated the dryer when I bought the printer but since there was no discount with the total purchase on the dryer I figured for the cost I would wait and see if I needed it. glad I did not shell out for it now.


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Several of my clients with VSi units that opted out on the dryer are using take-up to print unattended overnight. Primarily on 3M 180CV3.

Some of our XR users are now adding the DU-640 unit for increased airflow and heat to achieve a quicker dry time.

White and Metallic ink are where the Dryer Units make a good bit of difference in long runs.


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I have a SP-540V with after market take-up system purchased off ebay and installed it on the lower cross bar to give the ink a little bit more time to dry before being rolled on the take-up spool, and I have never had any problems without using any aux heater.



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I have a Soljet Pro 4 XR 640 and use the take up reel anytime I have a long print. Works great everytime!