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Need Help Cannot connect the PC with Roland SP540V


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Dear All,

I have a Roland SP540V that has been working fine with a windows XP computer. When I start the VersaWorks it asks me to insert the IP address. I have been reading your converations here but still cannot do it.
I set the IP to, Mask: all good so far
I Open the Printserver tool and hardly obtain the ip address of the printer
When I open the VersaWorks and prompts to put in the IP ad
dress no matter what I put in (either of the one above) it say "Device not found or status not acquired correctly from the Device".

What am I doing wrong?
I would be endlessly grateful since I get hopelessly mad when I do it:)


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I think this would be a Class C IP address, see below:
IP address classes
Class 1st Octet Decimal Range Default Subnet Mask
A 1 – 126*
B 128 – 191
C 192 – 223
D 224 – 239 Reserved for Multicasting

Maybe try changing the subnet mask to


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I have the same machine.

I had a tech friend that helped me when I was having troubles. I dont know the exact details but I know that I had a Dynamic IP that kept changing. We switched it to a Static IP and I have not had problems since.
*knock on wood.

What I have done in the past is to use a private network with a router to set up a connection with only the printer and my print computer. This was when I did not have time to deal with issues and just used this as a temp fix to get the job done.