Canon iPF81000 for Floor Graphics?


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Hello Hive Mind,

I've recently moved to a support role with in a larger company of print shops and I have a shop that is looking to do some floor graphics for in shop use. Normally I'd have no problem, I've done floor graphics on solvent, UV, and latex machines, except that is not what they have. Their wide format is a Canon photo printer (the iPF81000). The materials I would normally suggest (walk n wall among them) come in 48" lengths, which won't fit in their 44" machine, and also I don't have any clue whether the pigment ink is even something that could stand up to being walked on repeatedly.

So the question portions:
1) Has anyone produced floor graphics (just your standard, 15" round decals with the typical Covid distancing recommendations, nothing too artsy or fancy) with a pigment ink printer? And if so, what kind of success did you have?
2) What type of material would you suggest? It will be for indoor use, on tile, polished concrete and carpet needs to be able to adhere and remove from all three with little difficulty, and preferably does not require lamination. They do not have a digital plotter/cutter, so they will be simple shapes cut by hand.

Thanks in advance, Hivemind!