can't cut longer than 62.99 inch on gx24 with corel x3


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This is my first long graphic for me, my machine stops cutting after 62 inches. I cut straight from corel, I have resized the background with a longer area and it does not work. now the page is longer but it does not cut for the first 6 feet. I tried to get the page dimensions from the cutter and it responds 62.9913 long, I know this cutter is capable of longer, I have something set wrong but not sure what it is. thanks.


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your not setting you page to correspond with the cutter.
corel has a work page of 150.00 ft x 150.00 ft.
now IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT ROLAND DRIVER...............DO27290J.EXE is what you need.
in the ROLAND DRIVER YOU CAN SETUP A PAGE........AS SUCH: 23.50 X 110.00.
NOW this is the page you need to use when you OPEN COREL to cut vinyl. once you set this FROM PRINTER SETUP, and you back out all the way with OK, OK,OK. THEN GO TO PAGE SETUP..............go into menu and look for the SET FROM PRINTER....hit it, and it should give you the page you set up in the roland driver setup page. then you need to make it SO THE PAGE IS HORIZONTALLY LONG.....leave the page setup if your page size is right.
now go to corel, and hit print preview............that will show you what its gona cut and WHERE IT WILL START CUTTING.... if it aint sittin right at the begining of the page you need to reset something.