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Can't find my Pantone chart in Flexi!


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Okay, so I was talking to tech support a couple days ago and they had me bring up a sample of the entire Pantone (I believe) chart in Flexi so that I could print it out and see what each color looked like on my media. I really need to do this again but I can't remember the steps required to do it!!!

If ANYONE could lend me a hand, it'd be appreciated. We're spending this morning re-calibrating some colors and no one knows how to get this chart again. Does anyone know what I'm talking about??

Mike Paul

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Go to view> color> open table> go into the swatch library and select the one you want.
Then go to view > create swatch.


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Mike Paul said:
Go to view> color> open table> go into the swatch library and select the one you want.
Then go to view > create swatch.

:thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou: I got it now. Thanks a lot Mike!


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In flexi...

View->Colors->Open Table

Specify C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 7.6v2\Swatch\Table\cmyk.swt <<you may have to adjust the path for your setup>>

There's two blacks in this table, get rid of one and change the other to CMY=0, K=100.

You might want to save it under a new name.

Now that you have it loaded...

in Flexi View->Create Swatch->Current Palette

In Design Central select the cmyk pallete form the drop-down and set the parameters to give you the size and arrangment of rectangles that suits your fancy. I set them to .6 for size, 1.0 for vertical spacing and .8 for horizontal spacing. Select Advanced->Label and set the font to, say, Ariel Narrow amy .15 high.

Select the Check on Design Central

Ungroup everything


Group <<al the text>>

move the entire block of text such that each label aligns on top of and left justified on its respective color rectangle.

Edit the text via Text->Edit->Replace <<replace all of the boilerplate with a single space.

Now you should have the pantone number above its corresponding color rectangle. There's a few wild cards, the cool and warm grays, the hexachrome stuff but you can deal with it.

Now you have a printable labeled pantone color chart.