Can't print cause of both black catridges showing as low ink

We are having an issue with our CJV150-160 printer. it gives us that the ink is either low and/or empty. we are using bs3 cartridges. both black cartridges still have ink. i changed the chip to newer ones but still same problem.
i also put in a new cartridge with it's new chip but still same.
i took out the reader and tested it on one of the other color cartridges and the reader worked fine so it's not the reader. so we thought it might be the board. so we bought a new board where all the readers connect to it. but still the same. i inspected the continuity of the cables of the reader and it measured good.
so i'm starting to think it's the main board which as gone bad??

anyone else had this problem before?? there's a flat cable going from the readers board to the main board, think it could be that?? running out of options. even tried putting a ss21 cartridge but it won't read ss21, i thought it would read both bs3 and ss21. help a man out




It sounds like either the cartridges have the empty flag stuck on the bag wrong and it is sticking out or the microswitch in those slots is jacked up in some way.

There is a flat panel stuck to the bag in the cartridges that has a tab that sticks out when the bag inside is empty which presses a microswitch in the slot to either stop printing or switch to the other slot (as long as the cart in the other slot has ink). Just one thought.... I've had bad ones before where the tab is not positioned right and cannot stick out, that is also a big issue as the printer just keeps right on going thinking it still has ink and is dry firing that ink channel.


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Or you broke the ink near end sensor. Shine a flash light in the ink bay and see if you broke the flag on the switch lower right side.


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Yes when the tech was setting up my second Mimaki he was giving me extra little tips and one was be careful with inserting the cartridges. This is my LV150-130.


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