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Suggestions canvas



I tried getting good canvas printing using my roland VP 300 6 years ago and it was a complete waste of time, on the 300 version i couldn't raise the head so the thread from the canvas getting lose were an issue. Also i found that everyone around me was selling canvas prints for really cheap not worth at all. The last issue i had was trying to print some art canvas and you wont get a good color detail with a 4 color printer. For family photos it wasn't bad at all.

I did use the Neschen monet canvas and it was good.


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If you can print a banner you can print canvas. Been doing it for years. I use LexJet Sunset. Load it and print it. Never a problem.

Kustom X

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We use Dreamscape and Korographics. We get them from Laird Plastics. I think they only come in 54” width, so you may need to cut them down.