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Suggestions Car Wrap Templates?

Christian @ 2CT Media

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Pro vehicle outlines, artstation, or bad wraps seem to be the most used, there is also mrclipart but honestly they were always off for us.
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They are all off in different areas. If you keep your design away from the edges and don't crowd important objects or text between areas like door handles or wheel wells, your safe. If you choose to design with tight tolerances you need to grab a tape measure and make sure you have the room or use overlays.

They are tools, know when and how to use them and you won't have any problems.

I use Mr Clipart.


CorelDRAW is best
Been designing wraps for 14 years without templates. Take straight on photos of the actual vehicle with some sort of reference. Most slap a 1" x 12" magnet to the side then take the shot. Scale in the program of your choice then make your own Clipping Masks/Poweclips. All prints are done as oversize rectangles.

Remember the templates don't take into account of specific model body moldings and such. Nothing like designing with a template then when the vehicle shows for the install you discover the template showed a panel when it's really a window. Back to the "drawing board"