Car'n Truck Vehicle Outlines????


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Ok, it was an impulse by at the Baltimore Sign tradeshow a few months back, but how do I use it?
I can open it up in my Illustrator CS2 and find what I'm looking for, no problem. I can then design my graphics, logos, etc... no problem.....THEN WHAT? How do I scale it to my LXi/FlexiSIGN to cut it to the correct size?
I must be missing somthing or not thinking enough. I know each template is scaled 1:20, but what should I do then?
I'm in the process or designing my friend's BMW race car for the up comming season and wanted to put this program to use.
Any help would be great. Thanks!


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You can contact the mfr, but usually it needs to be scaled up 2000%. Then you have to recheck actual measurements from the vehicle against the screen view.


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design central

Go to design central in Flexi and type in 20:1 in the height or width and your done. Make sure you highlight what part you want to scale or you can scale everything on page.

Hope this helps!