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CDraw9 Master Layer


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Gooday all, looking for some guidance with CD9.

I somehow managed to creat a Master Layer/Page on a 5 page document in Corel 9.
When I make an addition or alteration all pages are changed, not just the one I am working on.
My question is how do I get rid of this master layer without loosing anything I may have created while I using it.
If I just delete the master layer will the stuff still be on the other pages. If so I can re-organise and get back to where I was without too much trouble.

Any clues ?



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Bobby H

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All CorelDRAW 9 documents are going to have a Master Page, with master layers. You can't delete Layer 1 on a Master Page without deleting Layer 1 on other pages. Objects placed on a master layer can appear on all pages of a multi-page document. Have the object manager docker opened to see the hierarchy of pages and layers.

Sometimes layers on a multi-page document get accidentally turned on as a master layer. You may be wanting to add a new layer or delete a layer you no longer need. But in right clicking into the palette you may wind up checking the "master" option for that layer by mistake without realizing it. Then things just get all wonky.

You should do is click off visibility of other layers except for the layers on the master page to see what has been placed there. Once identified, cut the objects out of the master layer to the clipboard. Paste the objects into another layer on another page you know isn't selected as being an editable master layer. If the situation is really confusing I might paste the objects into a new blank document with a similar page size.

I think Corel's master pages/layers method can be handy, but it is a bit crude and confusing when compared to dedicated page layout programs like InDesign and Quark Xpress.