CE3000-60 leaving nubs


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I Copied this from a thread from about 2 years ago.

Initial Blade down leaves nick - WHY?

I'm getting these ugly looking "nubs" and it looks like they are being left in spots when the blade goes down initially. Anyone know what could be causing that? Even cutting super slow it does it. I've also adjusted the offset values and nothing is fixing it. Annoying...

Plotter is a Graphtec CE3000-60

Was this ever resolved?

I read through the entire thread and made every single adjustment possible and the plotter is just not cutting straight lines.

I have:
- Adjusted the offset both + and -
- Changed the Tangential to allow for an overcut of .008
- Changed the depth of the cutter head
- Made sure everything is properly tightened
- Changed speeds and force
- Pulled nearly all my hair out:banghead:

And still the problem is not resolved. I have done all of this at the plotter itself not through Cutting Master software. We have 4 computers that have network access to the plotter 3 are running AI CS2 with the original Cutting Master. The other is running CS4 with the Cutting Master 2 software. Everything has been fine with this configuration so I don't think it could be software related. I have not reset to factory defaults (would like to leave that as a last resort).

Can anyone help? All ideas and input are welcome.


Have you changed the blade, cleaned and oiled the blade holder? Also is this the original blade holder, it may be worn out.


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I did do that. As far as I know it is the original blade holder. I'll have to look around and see if we have another one or maybe I'll try the pen tool to see if it does the same thing. Right now I've gotten it to the point that it is still functional as long as the letters are larger than 1/2" - anything smaller just looks bad. This machine has been a great little work horse for us we'd rather not have to replace it if we don't have to.



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How about the cutting strip that rests on the machine under the vinyl? How bad is it? Even the smallest cut grove in it can cause problems.

Try a test cut by moving your cutting starting point to be somewhere in the middle say 10" in from the right. Does it improve?


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I didn't completely replace it last week but I did turn it around so that we are running on a newer surface with no groove. I am beginning to think we are having pressure issues. It will cut things with straight lines just fine, anything with a curve gets either ragged edges around part of the curve that won't cut through or the blade will "jog" in or out as it finishes the path, resulting in the nub. I am not sure how old this plotter is, if it is a pressure issue, could updating the Firmware help?


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SignWarehouse branded cutters can't have their firmware upgraded (AFAIK), I think that's why they can offer them for so cheap because they get a set model from Graphtec and that's it.


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Well, that stinks... I'm not ot sure if this Graphtec was a Sign Warehouse purchase or not. But, I suppose at this point, it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one than to have to send it away the old clunker for service. Grr. Thanks for the input :)

Todd M Castle

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SignWarehouse version would not have the name CE-3000-60 so it should be a graphtec unless it has VinylExpress on it and not the word Graphtec on the logo.

You can re-set the plotter by turning it off and holding the arrow up and then turning it back on while holding it. You will re-set the plotter to the day it was boxed and sold. This is just in case you changed something you should not have and not sure what that might be.

Other case, make sure that you have CB09U listed as the tool on the screen of the plotter and not PEN. PEN will not complete cuts and leave a bit attached that might resemble part of the issue you are having.

Good Luck.


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The Graphtec mysteriously started behaving itself again.

I am waiting for some software to get our 30" Roland CAMM-1 up and running. Once we get that going I am going to overhaul the Graphtec and reset to factory defaults and get some replacement parts. Anyone know a good place to get new grit rollers for this poor old thing?