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Need Help ce6000-60plus

Arron collins

Hi guys,

I recently took delivery of a brand new ce6000-60plus and have it all setup.

Settings straight out the box, installed the driver along with the cutter controller software, Graphtec studio and cutting master 4 for Illustrator.

Offset is set to 0
speed as low as 1
blade depth has been checked, scrap vinyl test done and it cuts the vinyl without cutting backing paper.
have also ran the force/offset test on the cutter itself and get same results. vinyl is cut but backing paper is intact.

when i do cuts, lines aren't coming out as straight as they should and curves are coming out wobbly. Not a perfect circle.

Shapes have been created directly in graphtec studio and illustrator with the same results.
It also doesn't matter if i use signblazer, signcut, cutting master or graphtec studio i get the same results.

Have also tried a second machine and same results.

However, if i send the same design to one of my cheaper vinyl cutter it comes out perfect?

I did notice the carraige although it moves across the belt fine, it does have some play if you were to pull/push it when standing facing it. as if it moves off away from the rail and makes a knocking noise.

any help would be amazing right now :) Thank you


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New Member
I don't own the machine, but would recommend download (google search) for the service manual.
It's possible you have some settings that are not default or need to be tweaked based on your blade holder/blade offset.

Give each service area a half-decent read and you might see some things come-up.
I know "curve cleanliness" is attributed to a few of the settings just from reading about my CE5000.


New Member
A loose pen block can cause this type of issue. Sounds like the pulley bracket on top of the pen block is bent causing excessive play. The rear and bottom pulleys are fixed.

I reccomend your contacting your supplier or Graphtec for repair since it would be covered by warranty.