Need Help CET Negative Pressure Problem

Capitol Copy

New Member
Hi All,

We have a CET Q4-Series 1000 printer that has been a real work horse for us, but we've recently been having some negative pressure issues. I've replaced all of the neg pressure pumps, but still have issues with the pressure gradually climbing until it gets unstable and bounces up and down. Has anyone else run into this?


Megan Herold

New Member
Hi, CET operator as well. From my experience, if you are still getting fluctuation in pressure after replacing the pumps, it's usually one of these three things. I would start with making sure the monometer is zeroed out correctly.

1. Dirty negative pressure regulator. Your can try taking this off and cleaning it with some canned air, or replace. We get ours on Amazon for roughly $10.

2. You have a kink or leak in one of the air lines. This one is a pain to confirm, as you have to the take the gantry apart to investigate. If you see the pressure fluctuate in the same area of the bed when printing, I'd bet this is the problem.