Need Help Changing ink colors on Roland Truevis VG2-540


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Need Help or input,

We purchased a Roland VG2-540 with the 8th option of ink being the Orange. I want to change that to white. Is this as simple as a deep clean and just change out the color?
I am being told that I should purchase a new print head and have it installed.

Any information you can share from your experiences would help.



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Our VG2-540 was a factory refurbished unit. We ordered it with white ink option and that is how it was configured when it arrived. When the installing tech trained us on the printer, the white test prints had a light orange tint. The tech admitted this printer formerly had orange ink in it. He drew some big white patches and printed them a number of times and the orange eventually went away. We went though a full white bag of ink in doing this, so the dealer gave us another white cartridge. I don't know how much of the ink path had been changed in converting the printer from the orange ink, so can't really answer your question about the need to change the head. I hope this helps you.

A. I think you will need service mode to let the printer know it has white ink, and that will require a Roland certified technician on the VG2.
B. If a little more downtime is not an issue, personally I'd ask them to change the rest of the ink path (ink lines, dampers, and cap tops) then deep clean it and give it a try per the above. You can always change the head later if you can't get good results.
C. Going the other direction (from white to orange) I'd be a little more likely to believe a head change would be warranted due to the heavier pigment in the white ink. Maybe someone else knows if the white head has a different part number from the other heads.
Last edited: can go from color to white or silver and not the other way around. no head needed...maybe a cleaning cartridge, flush from sac menu and a refill/color set change