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Changing the Name of Multiple plotters in cutting master

Wondering if anyone has a solution to this. We operate 4 plotters on the same computer. All Graphtec FC8600-130. When you turn 1 plotter on this becomes the 1st plotter in cutting master because they all have the same name inside of cutting master. Not a big issue in the morning. Turn them all on and everything is good. 1,2,3,4 all set in order. But then if we have to turn a machine off because in needs to be reset or something then the order becomes skewed. Suddenly number 2 is now number 1 and number 3 is now number 2. It can cause some issues because the only way to get it back to being in order is to turn them all off and back on in order again. Does anyone know a way to change the name of a plotter either on the machine itself or in cutting master 3?