channel lettering pricing help

Have a channel lettering job to quote out
where would you guys be?

1st raceway
14' long 24" high 12 letters all caps block lettering
2nd raceway
10' long 12" high 15 letters 2 caps rest lower case block lettering

Installation (about 20ft up )

*now heres the hitch the raceways i described are already there with lettering on them, i want to pull those down and re-use the existing. Is that smart? and therefore how to price this out.

Thanx in advance

any more info i should supply let me know


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$3500 + Permit retail, but with NEW raceways.

I build everything to UL specs and they will not allow a used raceway to be listed.

J Hill Designs

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If you are making the letters in house, you should know what to charge - if you are outsourcing, get a quote from your source and apply markup...

As for install, I would go 2 guys, 8 hours. (even if it takes only 6, the extra is there for admin cost, recieve/inspect, prep for install, etc.)
Im outsourcing it ... Cabinets are more my thing Channel lettering I leave to someone more qualified than I, in that regards.

however I would like to do it.. so one step at a time .. Ive only installed channel lettering one other time yrs ago.. so Im very rusty when it comes to them.

I felt new raceways was the better way to go just wanted to check and see if maybe i was wasting money.

appreciate the input...