Channel letters mounted on louvers


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thanks. I'll check the "O" again. The brightness isn't impressive, but its OK I guess. I still say no one will be able to read this from it's intended viewing distance.

Everyone probably already knows this, but someone just showed me that you can test LEDs easy with a drill battery. They are 12v. Simple enough but I never made that connection.




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At that size, it's not how bright they look in your garage, but how bright they are 125' in the air from a quarter mile away. Of course you won't read them, but ya better see the light. It looks like you should double up and make at least two, if not three rows.


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Well, it's night here so I might as well try this now. I doubled up a letter and put it next to an original and walked all the way down the ally.. (according to Google maps it was 700 ft.) The one I doubled up was slightly brighter, and I mean SLIGHTLY. I went back and tripled it and it too was just slightly brighter than before, but only really seeing them next to each other. Weird.. because I would of thought that TRIPLING the LEDs would make a big difference, but I really doubt I could of told the two apart not seeing them next to each other. I thought maybe the Moze brand batteries were a problem so I hooked a power supply up to 120v and it was the same exact thing. I would of taken a picture but I left my phone upstairs.

Good news is I could still read the letters at 700 ft. I went on Google maps and the realistic viewing distance from the highway is about 1100 ft. The letters are not to aid drivers into locating the facility.. the sign is really just novelty. I guess it's the only grain elevator in the town so that unto itself will direct people.
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Looks like it is coming along nicely. I am not an engineer (or biologist) but I would build up those tracks a little, give you more contact points on the backs of the letters (reinforcement inside the cans too), and the truss you are going to attach it on, so as to not have to go back again if something comes loose that high up in the Texas wind.