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Checkered Flag Graphics Needed


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Can anybody tell me where I can get files or cd's with this type of checkering on it?


  • checkered flag plane.jpg
    checkered flag plane.jpg
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I'd like to make it, but I'm still in the learning stage. I do this as a hobby. Got to start somewhere right?



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If we knew what software you had it would be easy to tell you how to do it. In Corel, draw a checker board and then use the envelope tool to distort it. (I would taper it, then bend it.)To make the checker board draw a square then copy/paste away. Turn on the "snap" function and join up all the squares accurately. The "snap" function is under the "view" tab believe it or not. (Took me a while to find it.)
Nice plane BTW. Have a look at my website. I have a few nice planes too.


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i got some ,eps, we designed i can send.
USAF ! i wanna test drive the "adhesion" when do we "pull chocks on the bird ?" !
my kids are raised...so yeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaa ! let er' rip !