Chevron on a Roll Up Door

So who has had the pleasure of installing a 2 color chevron on a roll up door? and do you have any tips?

From my experience of doing basic lettering on rollup doors I have always had each slat cut at the plotter. Actually had to redo all of a fire department's rear doors because the factory installed the lettering on the rear rollup doors as one piece and then used a razor blade to cut out each slat. Not sure if they used any sealant but within 3 months it all started to come up at the edges from the doors going up and down.

Right now I have to prepare to do 3 chevrons in white and red on 3 doors for another FD and I just know it is pretty much going to be a nightmare to design unless I come up with a little trick to designing it it. Slats are 1.25" each between each gap so I guess I will jest design as if would be one large graphic then place some horizontal cuts across at regular intervals for each gap between each slat unless someone has any feedback to take another route.


I've never had any trouble with the slats. I would roll the door open to the point of creating a gap in each slat. Clean the heck out of the inside of each so the vinyl will stick. Most times it seems this area never gets cleaned properly and this is where the failure starts.

After a good cleaning, close the door, apply the vinyl, cut the slits and seal the edges. If there is any rap on the edges, you might have to use heat to seal it.



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Chevrons on roll-up doors are usually done as one-piece here & then the slits are cut afterwards; top and bottom. If you're used to roll-up door installs the cuts are a breeze, if not getting the proper amount trimmed off can be the difference between success and failure of the product, but usually the failures are from improper cleaning & prep. Denatured alcohol all-the-way; be sure you wait a couple hours before you install after you clean them, as the cleaning agents, etc get trapped in the slat joints.

What material are they using for the 2-color chevrons? Diamond Grade can be a PITA on projects like this.
If you're doing firetrucks regularly (like we do), have you looked into the Reflexite line of striping, etc? Personally, I love it.