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Need Help Chinese yb-2513 flatbed printer


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No it's not a good setup for you or even a current operation that knows what they are doing (no offense)
You will have horrible tech support.
Maybe a used Roland LEF Flatbed machine which is built on a really good platform is a direction you might want to look. Not perfect but you can still get support for it and most people here know the basic internals if you need forum help as it's build like the Roalnd XC540.
Honestly though I would find a print wholesaler near you that does flatbed work if you are new to this.


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For $20000 is this a good startup buy printer with 3 5gen printheads
I would avoid any UV flatbed using the Epson DX5 print heads. I have had terrible luck with keeping them from clogging (using UV ink) and they are not cheap to replace. You will spend as much time trying to keep them printing as you will actually printing.


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To expand on this, we refuse to sell UV ink to people who use Epson heads because those heads don't have the heating element necessary to make the ink optimally viscous. Possibly heads have the heater but I'm not sure.


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The number 1 thing I consider when buying any printer is support. You will have a much better experience with a used printer from a known manufacturer and local support than you will with a new printer that offers service by phone in Chinese at midnight.

Global Garage has a few printers listed in that price range that could be worth exploring.