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CJ 500 - Media load error...?


New Member
When I use a roll of media that is 24" the cj detects it as a 36in roll.. The "eye" or what it uses to detect media detects the first edge correctly. but when it scans to the left to detect the other end it skips the edge and stops at the next pinch roller? there are 3 rollers and 5 roller positions. When useing the 24" media I use the first 2 pinch rollers. the 3rd roller is usually left wherever it was used last. there is no settings I can find that may explain whats going on. Its not the bigest deal because I know the paper or vinyl is 24" and send jobs acordingly. It just bugs me ... Ok.. So as I write this problem I look over at the printer and notice.. I could use all 3 rollers on the 24" media. The first roll is long and 2 of the pinch rollers would go there. So I tried it and it works. It detects to the last roller.. I again thank Signs101.com for this site , if I did not take the time to post this message I would not have noticed the fix.. So another problem solved

Thanks Signs101...! :U Rock: