CJV30 130BS using other ink cartridges


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Hi All,

I have never chatted to anyone here before but you guys and girls have helped me more than you will ever know.
I have gone through the Forum and not found anything that will help me resolve the problem I am having.

I have a CJV30 130BS and I would like to use a generic ink ACR (Cheaper option) now I have spoken to a few people in the area that have moved over to the ACR inks and they don't have any stress with the ink.

Now here come the problem, the printer only allows me to use the SS21 cartridges.

Does anyone know how to mod,flash or update the firmware to allow the use of these ink cards or even if there are settings I can change? I know I can replace the mainboard but this is not an option as I do have a limited budget.

any help will be grate a solution will earn a Love you Long time smile.

thanks in advance.


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All you need is refillable cartridges and permanent SS21 chips then you use the 3rd party inks you like in bulk liter bottles and fill your carts.