Classic edge data error fix


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Recently I posted about loud vibration with my edge classic. I am happy to say that changing the checksum to on has cured that!

Then onto the next problem...Data Error! For days :banghead:I could not get past those dreaded words. Finally today I decided to go against everything I have been reading to find a fix for this and chose to leave the standard lpt checked ( says use warp 9 driver) and ran it thru flexisign 7 production manager.
IT FINALLY PRINTED! As of this evening it did but I'm going to be optimistic about tomorrow morning!

Now onto the next!! So glad I have time to get through all this....was always going thru this kind of stuff with several jobs needed to be finished by the next day, phone ringing off the wall, customers coming in left and right,
UPS needing a signature...well you all know what I mean!