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Question Clear printable vinyl instead of translucent 3850 oracal on lighted faces

Bobas Kalobas

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Hello, I usually use Oracal 3850 matte white on white pan faces that need printing. Today I took down a sign face that has been printed on a clear vinyl. My question is, What kind of clear is available for use on white pan illuminated faces? I know there may be a thread on this topic already, but I have not found it. Please post some part numbers for the clear that is used on them so that I do not buy a cheap, or buy the wrong product. Again, Thank you so much, Bob


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I use mostly 3651 for clear needs. It's a 5 year outdoor....with a laminate you should get fairly decent life out of it.


I use Arlon DPF 4500G Calandered Clear for use on white pan faces that are internally illuminated. It works really well accepting extra ink for maximum vibrancy. I've tried quite a few different types and this is the one I found works the best.
Same here, works perfect for what you are looking to do! Might want to dual pass to get your colors solid, just takes a little tweaking to get it right.

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I second 3651.
3551 also comes in clear, and is a 7yr, but I've never used the clear in that series.
I use the 3551 white as our standard go to vinyl for everything.


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4500G Clear, If the vibrancy at night is an issue, I'll run two prints and lay one over the other. Just laminate both prints, or make sure you haven't stretched the laminated one with too much tension or you're gonna have a bad time.

Why not lay a reversed one on the back?


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Well typically I'm sticking to 3/16 white lexan, without a light box, so lining the two up would be a bit of a challenge. Though now that I think about it it should all jive if it's a print full size of the lexan... I'll give this a try.

I've personally never done it, but you're going to overlay two prints, I figure one might as well be on the back. Almost all of my backlit sign faces are 3M Translucent. The few that are printed the customer doesn't care about night washout (or balk at the price for a properly done sign face) and settle for a single translucent print/lam.


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We use clear, IJ180mc-114, over white lexan if printed is required. Often with a reversed print on the back depending on client/budget/design. (not laminated, applied with transfer tape to avoid distortion) The register does not have to be spot on perfect, close is usually just fine.