clear & translucent vinyl installed- squeegee marks


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installed some mactac bubble free clear with custom printed color per customer request. now they are complaining about squeegee marks. printed on roland eco-sol printer (pms2130- blue) w/ gloss lam
any tips or tricks to not get squeegee marks?
will they fade over time?
pic attached but keep in mind the outside of the windows are not clean.
also it depends on the sun/lighting, some times/angles look better than others


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De.signs Nanaimo

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Those should go away but without being on site I can't say for sure, maybe give those a week or so for the glue to set up and it will probably look fine. Unless of course a couple weeks have already passed? It's like a curved rear car window with perf, it looks horrible right after installation, but fine after a week or so.


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If I must dry apply this kind of thing, I wet my squeegee and use a lot more force than I usually would. I prefer wet applications for clear or translucents for this reason.

But yea, usually stuff like that goes away after a few days unless it's really bad. Hard to tell from the picture.

White Haus

You need to use a ton of pressure on every single inch of that Mactac B-Free stuff. Even the frosted is a pain to work with - we've switched back to wet apply for this reason.


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it was the mactac BF clear with blue printing.
just a heads up- went back like 6-8 days later to install some other items and the marks were mostly gone and or not noticeable anymore
Glad it worked out for you. It appears the bubble free/air egress adhesives take some time to wet put on the surface due to the channels.