cmyk values for grey

i'm trying to get a medium battleship grey in illistrator then printing via versa works on our roland vp540i.
i'm using c-0 m-0 y-0 k-50% to try and get the color i need. now, when it prints it comes out looking like it has a greenish tinge to it. for the life of me i can not get the color i need! i've tried using the roland color chart but i doesn't really have the grey i need. so, i have gone back to trying to mix my color in illy.
i've tried 50%-60%-70% black, but it just doesn't look right. any ideas on how to do it, or what i maybe doing wrong!


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The rip software probably is taking your 50% K and breaking it into a four color subsitute -which never works for grays. But it looks like you got what you were looking for. was coming out greenish! i looked online at color charts etc and was getting there, but thought i'd post on here, see what you guys come up with and as usuall............. got what i needed! awesome!


Printing greys is the hardest thing to do with my printers. No rip software or printer has changed that. Whenever i need a true grey, i go into Photoshop, and grey scale a random color. THAT's how i get my true grey.
thanks for the info! yeah, i can usually get pretty much any color close enough, but man, trying to get a good battleship grey was starting to get right on my nerves!
a mixture of using rgb color charts(online) seeing the values there and then getting some tips from the guys above. the roland color charts were not much help on this one, the color in illy was a hit and miss also!