cnc router for kitchen cabinets?


Stan B

Hi all,

my friend who is in kitchen cabinet business thinking of buying CNC router to make his own kitchen cabinets, doors, etc.

How suitable is table router for fine carpentry work?

will it be able to route kitchen doors and parts on quality wood with fine\creative details?

will he be able to design using (some sign routing software) and then route his jobs on wood just like a 3dimensional sign?

how accurate is router on small \ fine details on wood? (like cherry, oak, maple, etc)

I know it is a lot of questions to ask,
I'll appreciate any input



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Any table router is only limited to what the software tells it to do. I know there are routers specificly for cabinets and I'm sure there is software for woodworking that would work better than sign software.


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One of my customers owns a cabinet shop and has a Multicam with a 5x10 bed.........He routes my signs for me when needed..............


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There is no real short answer to your friend's "brand inquiry."

There are a ton of options available from many manufacturers (tool changing, boring blocks, gantry clearances.)

The GOOD software is apples & oranges when compared to sign machining programs.

It sounds like your friend may need to invest in two software packages. One for 3D shaping & one for cabinet modeling & machining.

I'd suggest your friend attends the IWF show in GA before he/she makes an investment.
Otherwise, start googling the following vendors:

AXYZ Automation
CR Onsrud
Komo CNC