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Color adjusting for large format


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for 101.jpg I am setting up a job on the CJ500 for a final print of 10' x14.5'. I have seen the printer print all of these colors, (within reason) on a simple graphic so I know it's capable. I am using the same profile and same material as a previous job which came out very well.

I have done 10 test prints, coming out of both Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop CS2 as tiff's. Everything is set to Adobe RGB 1998 and US Web coated SWOP v2. The navy blue prints black with a darker black detail. The "sapphire" blue prints dark navy and the "process" and yellow are fine. Part of the art includes pix of peoples faces that get weirded out with too much adjustment in ColorChoice.

Any ideas? Have attached a crop of the art for reference. Printed it full size, 29" x39" and it's the same....

Well this is something... Just previewed the post and it is printing just like this attachment, but on my monitor it is much more vivid and the black in the lower corner is definitley an achievable dark blue, while the dark blue here is more of a sapphire. geez.

I love my job.



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No clue. I never trust my screen though. I just pick Pantone colors that I KNOW how they will appear and go from there. Never trust a screen man, NEVER! A Pantone color wheel is worth it's weight in gold. Just pick the color formula and you're off.

Just an idea. If you've printed on it before without a problem then I have no idea. Sorry.


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sometimes the colors that print are totally confusing to me.. we have one job we have printed .. using the same yellow as in previous jobs.. same profile same vinyl everything.. and on one job is comes out chartruese..(sp)
I have no idea why.. some days the printing god just hates me.. i guess ..rof
same profile and same material as a previous job

Other than temp and weather - something has changed - somewhere.....

You have much more experience than most so it feels to us like any suggestions are going to sound insulting - other than take a step back, relax, and see what may have changed.

If this "difference" has occurred since the pc issue, then there is a possibility that some of the profiles may have become corrupted BUT you have been printing other stuff since, which makes it a long shot.

Sorry....don't know what else to offer.....


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printing newbie, really

You have much more experience than most so it feels to us like any suggestions are going to sound insulting - other than take a step back, relax, and see what may have changed.

Please feel free! I've only been printing since Feb., but I took a seminar on color management and another on digital printing at the convention in Orlando this year that were very informative.

Any advice is welcome.

We'll try....

The first thing your monitor is calibrated. Hardware is actually available BUT you can do a basic search on the net for "monitor calibration", and those pages will get the monitor close - not perfect - but close.

This is the first thing to check, and what usually causes the most difficulties when we get a customer's file.

Also, we do not do this because we do not have our colorvision yet but color swatches are a good idea - enabling you to match colors, if needed later, and can be done with a pms book.

After that, print a color file - which we can email you so you can what the printer is outputting, as you compare what you see.

What are you printing on? What software was the file created in? Have you done all the prior prints since the pc acted up, or before?


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I will do the search for monitor calibration. I do have a monitor profile which has given me the best test so far.
Please PM the color file. I am printing on a matte pvc coated adhesive material. The file was created in Illustrator CS2 by the client, but has a couple drop-ins of photographs.

The previous job was printed from same computer, created in Illustrator by client but set up in Photoshop 7.01., panels saved individually as tiffs and output to colorchoice. Last week my Adobe was all upgraded to CS2. I've been playing with the many different options for color in Photoshop CS2 since today's earlier email, as well as ColorChoice and have one test print that is approaching correct, but still not there....

I don't believe the trouble I was having due to Spysweeper/Colorchoice has had any effect on profiles or anything else. It is disabled for now and there hasn't been the slightest glitch in that area or anywhere else. I do know that I am not using the correct profile for the material, but got away with it for 750 sq. ft. of printing before. I was forced to upgrade Colorchoice when the new PC took over and the available profiles are more geared to their newer printers. I don't know how to download profiles and haven't had a chance to try, having only been online with that PC for 2 days.

This is like going to college and getting paid for it. haha I think I'll like this game once I learn the rules!

Thanks for helping!

mark in tx

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This is where having your system professionally color profiled/calibrated pays off. That way your monitor will display what your printer outputs. Also, makng sure that Adobe CS2 is set up to use the same color workflow. I see that your customer supplied the files, are the files tagged with the color profile?


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I originally opened it using the embedded profile and it printed very dark, with no "pop" at all, while it looked great on the monitor. It was tagged with the newer of the 2 adobe profiles, (can't remenber the exact wording).
The best color obtained while printing was when I set up CS2 to use the older (1966) profile with a few tweaks here and there. Could it be that since I have an older machine, it understands the older profile better?

In any case, I had already scheduled 6 wrap installs on Trolleys for this week, and have to have the 3 bank trucks wrapped first week of Aug., so I sent the banks out to be printed. Only 2 of us, and not enough time to do it all this time.

Thanks for responding. I will probably be back with similar issues since i am new at printing.....



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I have you double checked all you CS2 color settings?

I know we get different printed colors for different desingers who use different color profiles in photshop/illustrator. I'm not really fimallar with CS2 but prehaps in your upgrading softawre you forgot to change a setting.

I'm not familiar with ColorChoice. but I know in our RIP software there are options of using embeded profile, no profiles, stock profile, and in those choces there are many more options aswell I'd check and make sure that your using the right settings..

You could also try changing you Media Profile, you said you knew you weren't using the correct one. maybe you can download the proper one from the manufacturer

One last obivous thing are sure sure your files are set up for the correct color space.. RGB/CMYK?

all I can think of now but it's Sunday.. maybe tomorrow at work I'll have some more ideas.