Question Color Calibration Cancelled Due to Scanning Problems - HP Latex 360 - 70/30 Perforated Vinyl

I keep trying to color calibrate my 70/30 one way vision perforated vinyl. It prints the scanning pattern and once it finishes drying, it begins to scan. Soon after it just give me an error message "color calibration cancelled due to scanning problems" (pictures attached).

Why is this? This does NOT happen to other substrates I use. Only my perf.

Can anyone recommend an Onyx profile for 70/30 perforated vinyl for HP Latex360? I have used the HP One Way Vision, but it gives me problems, the perf lifts and I get printhead scratching.

I'm currently using Orajet 3675-010, which seems to be ok for now.


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Put in any white media and select the window perf profile, then do a color calibration.

Reflective and window perf are unable to be profiled or color calibrated,so hp suggests profiling / calibrating on any white media