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I'm up and running with a new SP-300i, very happy with it and the colors, as long as they are a .jpg. I'm working in Corel X3, I've loaded the Roland spot colors, but when I export as an eps, they don't match the color swatches. My reds and yellows are close, but blues and greens are not close at all, they are very muted. I've tried to export as a pdf and directly from Corel straight to Versaworks, nothing seems to change. At this point, I've been creating a jpg with cutlines underneath, and exporting as an eps. This works, but I'm already getting tired of doing it this way. I haven't contacted my dealer yet as they use signlab and are not very familiar with Corel. This is the latest version of Versaworks, so the convert to spot color is automatically checked in the box. I plan to upgrade to Corel X5 soon, I don't know if this would help at all since the Roland color swatch is pre-loaded? Can't go to X6 since Mimaki won't have the FineCut upgrade till either August or September. Any ideas? Thanks!


It was unchecked. I've tried about every different way of exporting, nothing really seems to make much difference. In the first photo, you can see the difference between the vector and bitmap colors, maybe this is common? But I still don't understand why the colors aren't close to the swatch colors (same media). The blue jpg matches close, but the vector isn't close at all, same for the greens. Red as vector or bitmap seem close, but not close to the swatch color. Yellow vector matches. Any ideas, or is this just the joy of digital printing? Thanks.


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Try converting any spot colors to LAB in your EPS files. I do it and my colors seem to be nearly dead on. The Spot to CMYK conversion seems to be an issue with VW.


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If you're trying to print Roland colors, are you remembering to check the box in Versaworks?
(File format -> Spot Colors)

Edited to say: Oops - just re-read your post - but you say "the convert to spot color is automatically checked in the box" but in Versaworks, you're converting from spot colors. Maybe nothing, but thought I'd mention it. I'm refering to the checkbox in Versaworks, not Corel.