Color Profile / Printer help


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Not too sure if this would be under Flexi or Mimaki... but here it goes.

I have a Mimaki JV3-130SPII running with Flexi 7.6.2.

I had my color profile all set up, and of course I love it. So I just loaded the pantone colors, I figured this would be the best way. Well I am assuming that my old color profile was RGB and of course Pantone is CMYK. Well it seems that with my old swatch the color I saw on my screen would print to the printer... and now not so much. It takes me playing with the colors quite a bit (expecially for color matching)... Also it seems that the colors that are printing CMYK arent as brilliant, I've noticed it with black, the RBG prints a nice solid black, but the CMYK Black prints almost grey? I guess my question is, is there a good RGB color profile, should I be running RBG colors, or what... Any help would be much appreciated.