Color sampling similar to Onyx - script or software

Andy D

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The one thing I miss the most about my Onyx rip program is the color sampling option, where you would set the color of the boxes in the corners and the program would extrapolate all the colors in between.
(similar to the image below)
Does anyone know of a stand alone program or a script for CorelDraw or Photoshop that does this?



Before I knew onyx could do this, I would make a couple of transparencies laid over the goal color. Did not work very well, but it was better than:
"Hmmm, lemme see, I like this red, and this red, and this red"

Why the change from Onyx?


Do you input your own values into the four corners or let the program do it?
Once I started inputting my own values I found it worked much better.
Start with my own values. I only tried it once or twice by letting the program come up with them, before I figured out "Hell, I know what is close, start from here dammit!"
Maybe demonstrate how much work doing one color match can be, and see if he'd be open to getting onyx?
I know before I had any clue what I was doing, I spent a Saturday doing color replacements on a grayscale logo for a bank. All 90+ different levels of grey. Damn you ICC profile settings and the guy who barely set the printer up!