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Colorgate RIP news


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Colorgate was recently acquired by Ricoh. Hopefully this is nothing more than change of ownership and the software will continue to experience the high quality updates and enhancements it has enjoyed to this point.

Colorgate released a new color profiling module for systems with embedded rips (HP latex contone?). This allows for better control of the image color reproduction and ink curves by creating a profile in the rip that modifies the data sent to the embedded rip so that the final ripped data is what the user is looking for. This is a workaround to embedded rip servers that tend to reduce the amount of control over the final image. In a very rudimentary example, if an embedded rip converts blue to green and yellow to blue, the new profiling module will discover this and change blue to yellow before sending to the printer so that it correctly print blue. Ink curves are also manipulated in this way. I am making assumptions here based on a press release but I believe this is what the new module does. It possibly requires creating an onboard profile and remote profile but is worth it if you need the extra control.