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Colorspan 98SX or Mimaki 250-SP

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Any body have input on these two printers. Im going solvent in a big kinda way. The Mimaki is cheaper (get what you payfor), but the Colorsoan has faster print speed, and an onboard camera for making ICC profiles on the fly. The 98sx was 700 feet/hr at 600X600, but the new one is going to have a 300X600 super high speed setting. The rep. could not tell me what the new speed was going to be. But, the Mimaki is a proven printer and will take a 101.5" roll. I hear "sellable print speeds for the Mimaki is about 160 sq/hr and 350 sq/hr for 98sx. The hardest thing to get over is the Colorspan is 20k more. Thanks for your time... Scott

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ColorSpan is 20k more (and faster) because it uses 12 more printheads than the Mimaki, and is a flatbed printer with a 1/4" thickness capability.

Fast print speeds make for great claims at trade shows and in advertising, but in the real world I have to hand a banner to a customer over the counter, and he's going to evaluate it at close range. I can't afford to risk losing a 12.00 per sq ft customer over a low resolution high-speed print. So most of my work is done at the slowest advertised print speeds.

Mimaki's are known work-horses, but I've heard unkind things about their print clarity. ColorSpan has had their share of spectacular hits and misses.

Test drive YOUR file on both machines. And don't believe anything a sales rep says while he's trying to get his hands on your 50k check. Test it yourself, in person.

Fred Weiss

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No problem Scott.

I do periodically move threads to what would seem to be a better category for archiving. Sorry for any inconvenience.



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I have just purchased the Mimaki JV3-75SP and like it so far. It works good for 16,000.00 or there about, but it is only 30" you may want wider.