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Colour calibration Roland Versaworks

Lea Marc

New Member
Hi everyone,

I am trying to colour calibrate a profile on Versaworks 5.5.1 with our Roland SolJet Pro 4 XR-640 using an EFI ES-2000 (GretagMacbeth EyeOne). I have tried printing the measurement chart at a bunch of sizes from 100-175% yet when I try to measure the chart every time I get the error code 4085. I even tried on a previous chart that I had measured and scanned successfully but it is doing the same thing every time.

Am I missing something? I am using the Roland 'Colour Calibrating a Print Mode' guide too and following the steps in there.



New Member
Is there any chance that the EFI ES-2000 has different firmware from i1 pro and can only be detected from EFI Fiery and not other RIP software?