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Comparing prismjet and versacamm


New Member
HI Guys,

Well i'm a new member to this site, well heres the deal
im looking for a vinyl printer and a cutter in one.
i would just like to know what would be the better
machine as im all the way in jamaica and i have no way
of veiwing the machines in work, so someone tell me what is
the better buy production-wise.

Steve C.

New Member
It will depend a lot on what you wish to do with it and your own special situation. If you look back through some older threads there have been several other discussions on the subject. One very important point, IMO, is that what ever you get, you will want to print up to at least 36" wide for banners. The PrismJet is actually the Mutoh Outdoor and that is what I have. I like the seperate cutter, but I can see why one might want a printer/cutter combination like the VersaCam. For quality I think they will both serve well.


New Member
The one big thing to consider is support which Roland has an abundance of. Some people think of support as just the company providing the product, when in reality its other things like Rolands support forum, the users on other forums, etc. Roland just has a larger more active user base at the moment. This means you have a greater chance of getting help when you need it.

There are an abundace of profiles for the versacamm for ColorRip/SoftRip, Flexi & Versaworks, more so than the Mutoh by far. This means you can accuratly print on more medias with less trouble.

The 54" versacamm seems to be the machine to get right now. You basically get everything you need with the machine (Printer, Cutter, Rip software) and there are 100's of people around on differnet forums that will help you get started.

Pretty much all the printers share components, print heads, pumps, feed motors, carts, etc. They are all good machines and they all print well. I also have a feeling that Rolands soon to be released Eco-Sol ink will be far supieror to the eco-sol inks run in other machines.