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Composer 2.1 Monitor Color Problems


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Last week I got a new computer. I reinstalled all of my programs and everything is working fine. The only issue I am having is in Omega Composer 2.1.

The colors on the color palettes in Composer do not look the way they used to. For example, the beige fill appears very pink while the ruby red fill appears a very bright red. The colors used to look different (i.e. the beige was more of an ivory shade and the ruby red was darker).

Also, the order in which the appear in the color palette are different. While this isn't that big of an problem, it is just more of an annoyance.

I do know that this is an issue within Composer and not with my monitor settings because the color palettes in all my other programs are correct.

I had this problem once before after upgrading to 2.1. It seemed like it was a very easy fix but for the life of me I can not remember how to fix it. Any help???

Thanks in advance!

Fred Weiss

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We had the same problem. The color display should be addressed by trying different settings in the color management system accessed under the file menu. My settings are shown that work for me. You may also want to look at the Black/White filter settings for your monitor and see if you prefer them turned on or off.

The vinyl palette does get returned to the default setting when upgrading. Not sure why. We keep our most commonly used colors arranged at the beginning and dragging - dropping them back took about half an hour.


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I thought there was a way to arrange the palettes either alphabetically or by color grouping, but I looked and looked recently and couldn't find any such thing. Maybe it was an earlier version that allowed for that?