Computer Peripherals....

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How many peripherals do you have on one computer.....?

I have (all USB) 2 DVD drives, 1 500 gig HD, 3 vinyl cutters (2 with USB to serial adapters) 1 All in one printer, 1 HP printer (USB to Parallel), 1 Encad printer(USB to Parallel) and my mobile phone sync.....I also have my ValueJet run off the Cat-5........Oh and I have a port for my MP3 players also.......

Im just wondering if that is too much to run off of one computer.......?


That is quite a bit of stuff! Sheesh. I haven't seen a computer with 97 usb ports yet!:omg:


Yes! It is too much!

I only say this because it limits you to what you can do... if you have things cutting/printing/dancing off of one machine, while you design on it...something crashes... you're in a world of crap...

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:thankyou: Cptcorn and Rick......I use that as a production machine......I design on another computer.......


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its nice with the USB connection. its the advanced SCUSSI of the past.
i remember tryin to hook up 4-5 different things to a 386DX40 with 4 megs a ram!!!!!
scussi was "da bomb."
on my computer for work i have a LPT-1(on that i have an A/B switch,2 printers) & LPT-2(plotter) ports, 4 USB ports, scanner, photo camera, skype camera, and an external h/d.
latest add on was a a cd/dvd +-r dvd writter, which is a SATA and i had to add a SATA card to m/b. now i have an empty SATA SLOT.


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OP is hooked on phonics...
Scussi = SCSI

I agree, SCSI was the bomb! FAR better than the other drive options, and it was stable too (not like firewire)


That sound like a lot,usb hubs are easy to get carries away with,I run and it does handle a lot of stuff,but u gotta remember it only processor doing ALL that work,try unpluggin wot u can and see if u can see a difference!!!


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feed that mac more peanuts, and you wont have that problem)))))))))))))))))))
scsi, was was great and reliabel because of the "daisy chain" hookup.
all you needed was one scsi port, and you could hookup 1-20 things on it..........
i was awe struck when i got my CANON U565U SCANNER, USB PORT............
and no POWER CONNECTION!!!!!!!!!!!
now USB are "DA BOMB."