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condensed help

scott pagan

New Member
another "easy" font that i can't resolve.

the strokes look of differing weight, but it's consistant on the other copy i'm working off of. the "G", "R", and "S" and the round period should be the tip-off clues, but i'm stumped.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I can't resolve it either Scott. Closest font I saw was Triumvirate Bold Condensed. It has obviously been artificially condensed. Looking at the period being perfectly round and strangely positioned, I wonder if perhaps the round period is a substitution.

scott pagan

New Member
wow, thanks Fred! (that was fast)
i knew it shouldn't have had me so stumped. any other "close" matches than Triumvirate? i need to keep more in line with the look of the "G" and "S". the periods i can replace.


New Member
I was able to modify Swis721 BlkCn BT (Corel's version of Helvetica Condensed Bold, I imagine) to get pretty close (and then replace the period with a circle).

I had condense the font even more than it already was, thin the horizontal strokes a bit, shorten the middle horizontal strokes on the E's, thin the horizontal bar on the G (at the same time pulling down the "vertical" stroke above that bar by selecting the two lower nodes at the same time...likewise had to elongate the ends of the S's.)

It only took moments (as complicated as it all sounds)...and my "B" looks like it belongs with the rest of it.

I also put a bit more angle on that thingy on the bottom of the "G" and rounded the left bottom corner of the right leg of the "R" a bit.


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