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Considering a Summa DC3


New Member
I am considering the purchase of a Summa DC3 Plus. Looking to do my due diligence before making this purchase.

I was hoping that there might be positive/negative input out there that might help make this decision easier?

The other printer/cutter option I am looking at is the Roland SolJet. I have some experience with the Roland, but absolutely zero with the Summa.

Thanks for any help/advice in advance,



New Member
Do a search for the Summa DC3 from above and you should pull up some threads that have the DC3 mentioned. I know GraphiXtreme was going to buy one but went with the VersaCamm instead. Again do a search for DC3 and you should pull up those threads.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The DC3 is an impressive machine however you will be locked into a single source situation for both consumables and service/support. You will also have nearly a $3 per square foot production cost.

Not something to which I would make a financial commitment.


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I did a lot of research on various options and just couldn't see the DC3 as being a viable option. For me, this came down to versatility and print costs. You are "almost" locked into the 3M/Summa 40" media in either white or clear...that's IT!!! I did some research on users using other materials and it was a bit hit and miss (3M comply, Oracal 3951 and others like this). I did talk to a couple owners who were please with the machine, but also knew the limitations. For sure, you can't produce banners or paper prints with it, again due to the 2 whole choices for media. As has been said, the print cost is quite high compared to any inkjet I know of. They claim no lamination is required, but I also talked to some owners that still laminated for vehicle graphics. It does seem like an easy machine to operate, but it's limitations just kept me from seeing it as a good option for ME.