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I have an epson s30670 and yesterday after doing a light cleaning on the machine noticed that all my colors are contaminated, I did several cleanings after that and still getting the same result, wondering if anybody else had this problem before and how did you fix it, TIA


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I would say check the drain lines from the capping station. If they are clogged, the ink won't drain properly during a cleaning cycle. Have the carriage move to the left side, as in when doing a head cleaning. Dab cleaning fluid into the capping station. If it puddles and doesn't drain, then the line(s) are clogged.

There are internal drain lines in the capping station, and there is the large line that leads to the waste ink bottle.

When this happened to me many moons ago, I used a large syringe to apply suction to the waste ink bottle end of the drain line. Have someone keep the capping station full of cleaning fluid. It worked for me, but I'm not an Epson tech
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Sometimes the sponges in the capping station swell and touch the head. When this happens you get cross-contamination.
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